Monday, June 27, 2011

The Era of Disco

Halston Heritage Line:
There is something about the 70’s disco era that I absolutely love. People were still trying to hold onto a sense of glamour, but one that was changing with the times. A simple night out to go dancing required extravagant outfits, covered in gold jewelry…YEAH, perfect for me!!!!!!! I love when certain fashions make a comeback; especially this one! Wide legged pants aka bellbottoms, wrap dresses, jumpsuits, platform shoes and gold accessories! Some of the most well-known and sought after designers of the times were Yves St Laurent, Halston, & Diane von Furstenberg. I ran across this dress and knew it had to be mine! Everything about it reminds me of the pictures my mother has of herself on nights out to go dance the night away; plus her favorite color is purple. And who better to bring that nostalgia back then the wonderful Halston line itself!


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