Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paris in the 1920's

Scene from the movie Midnight in Paris with Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson

So I recently went to see the movie Midnight in Paris. Check out a preview from their website; Maybe it was the movie itself or the fact that Paris is one of my favorite cities or just that I love the 20’s, but I fell in love with it. Marion Cotillard plays the character Adriana from 1920’s Paris. Whether you like her performance or the movie itself, I LOVE her wardrobe. It is classic 20’s, Golden Age of Paris, flapper style.
There is one dress in particular that is my absolute favorite!(dress above) The delicate, intricate bead work on this dress I find to be breathtaking. At first glance it doesn’t seem like much, but as you come into focus you notice the draping of row upon row of seed beads going in every direction. This isn’t something you see much in the 21st century, unless its couture, but dresses like these where a little more common to night life. Today nightwear seems to be jeans and heels, not that I’m against this, but there is something less delicate and feminine about jeans.
The 1920’s were filled with gorgeous dresses, dripping with bead work, fringe, embroidery and so much more. Even though the waistline was lost, and considered unfeminine for the times, there was still something so feminine and intriguing about the beads, lace and the extreme risqué low backed dresses. I feel as though we have lost that sense of beauty in something so simple as a cocktail dress, but without fail I believe we can bring it back! At least in our own modern way...
So go out and find your perfect cocktail dress, dripping with gorgeous feminine elegance!

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