Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little About Me...

I live in beautiful sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. The pools are always warm, the drinks cold and there’s always a scene. This town definitely has some beautiful women and even men. I have heard from men who visit here say that ‘they want to live here, there isn’t anywhere better’ on the other hand, women who come to visit say, ‘they would never live here in a million years; there is way too much competition’. It definitely has that; competition. The main appeal here is; gorgeous, tall, skinny, blonde, with big boobs. Well they are at least are blonde, with big boobs; those seem to be the key components. To say the least, they start to all blend together as one women/look.
Women go to all lengths to achieve the above mentioned goals and sometimes to such an extreme that they forget who they are and that even though a look may be amazing for one woman, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. Find what does and don’t fall into the trends if they don’t flatter you.
I find that I am constantly people watching and a good 90% of the time my eyebrow shoots up and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Seriously!, Did you look in the mirror before you walked out the door?’ or ‘Who told you that looks good?, because they are lying and they don’t REALLY like you’.
I am a bit too critical and have a few too many pet peeves, but hey that is just me. I am fully open to criticism. If I walk out the door and my bff doesn’t tell me I look ridiculous and I do; let’s just say we may not be friends much longer. 
So here begins my rant of the things I don’t like, freak me out, drive me crazy and even the things I love!

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