Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Short Is Too Short?...

I recently was sitting in the bar of a restaurant, after work one day, with my boyfriend. I had my back to the door as my boyfriend faced it. I noticed his eyes widen due to a girl walking in, but not in the oh-la-la way, more in a way of complete shock. I turned around to see what was so shocking for him to notice and there it was...the TOO short shorts. Now this girl was not by any means overweight, but she definitely was not in shape. Her shorts were soooo short that I was able to see the entirety of the pockets.  

I fully understand short shorts are in, but I also feel there comes a point where you have to have some self-respect...I don't care how amazing your body is, there IS a point were certain fashions are not appropriate in any situation. And why is it that it usually the ones WITHOUT the killer body wearing the short, short, tight shorts, I’m sorry, but it’s not attractive! Please ladies lets wear some longer, looser shorts.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My New Obsession…Turquoise!

White hat: boardwalk boutique; Turquoise necklace and bracelet: Francesca's collections

So I have recently become obsessed with turquoise jewelry. I grew up in Arizona, so to me, I have always viewed it as the tacky stuff that you pick up in those ridiculous touristy shops just to say that you bought something “Arizona-ish”. Or call me weird, but I have always associated it with grandmas, maybe, because growing up I have sent mine so much of it over the years that I always see her and her friends in it.
I have come to realize though that turquoise is actually quite beautiful and in the right setting, pretty gorgeous. I personally love it on gold. It just seems to bring out the brilliant color even more so and I really just LOVE gold. So I have recently started collecting it here and there. And with my luck I live a convenient place to buy it.
I have paired my turquoise pieces with yellows, purples, floral’s and so much more, but my all-time favorite is against white. It helps the turquoise pop even more! And to top it all off, I add a big white floppy hat! Come on, who doesn’t love an over sized floppy hat; especially in the AZ heat!